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An Assembly Member has resigned from the City and Borough Assembly, effective November 24. The Assembly formally accepted that resignation on November 22. In accordance with Sitka’s Home Rule Charter and Sitka General Code the vacancy shall be filled by the Assembly which shall appoint a qualified person within 20 days after the vacancy occurs to serve as acting Assembly Member until the next regular election.

Only a qualified voter of the municipality who has been a resident of the municipality for at least one year immediately preceding the appointment to office shall be eligible.

To be considered for this vacant seat please submit a letter of interest, signed Certificate of Applicant Qualifications, and a completed CBS Financial Disclosure Statement to the Municipal Clerk’s Office no later than noon on Monday, December 12. The appointment is scheduled to be made at the Regular Assembly Meeting on Tuesday, December 13. For required documents and further information, please contact the Municipal Clerk at 907.747.1811 or