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Baranof School Re-Naming

Final Choice to be Announced at March 6th School Board

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The Baranof Elementary School Renaming Committee

  • The committee met on Friday, Feb. 2 in the School District Office and reviewed the results of the 2nd community-wide survey.
  • On Feb. 7 at the next regular school board meeting, the top three results were presented to the board by the Renaming Committee, along with a report on the full process that the committee followed. The meeting was open to the public.
  • The March 6th regular School Board Meeting will take place at 5:45pm at Sheet’Ka Kwaan Naa Kahidi Community House, and the selected new name for the school will be announced.
  • Below you can see key pages from the “Renaming Committee” presentation to the School Board
  • To view the committee’s complete report, go HERE

Ed. note:  For some historical background on the move to re-name the school, read this KCAW piece from 01/14/21.