Beak rockfish ceviche 09 14 23 till mid Oct Hispanic heritage

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

With Food Specials at Beak thru Oct. 15th

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Beak will be celebrating #hispanicheritagemonth Sept. 15- Oct. 15th with various food specials. The first will be Panamanian Style Rockfish Ceviche. This is a dish Chef Renée grew up eating, prepared by her Panamanian 🇵🇦 mother.
She has a clear memories of being a kid in the 90’s, in Boulder, CO, of her mom explaining to skeptical friends about how this is not ‘raw fish’ but ‘fish cooked in lime juice’. Now ceviche is a dish beloved by many Americans and needs no explanation!
This ceviche contains red onion, jalapeño, lemon juice and rockfish. In Panama it is made with a variety of seafood— mahi mahi, shrimp, even octopus! When you go to the Fish Market in Panama City there are vendors with giant glass jars of ceviche for sale— the glass doesn’t react with the acid of the lime juice.
We’re taking a cue from them, and letting out fish cook in mason jars. Come on by for a bite!