Edith Johnson small head shot by Aaron Minks

Edith Johnson: “Top Forty Under 40”

Sitka entrpreneur & sustainability advocate

Associated Business

SCS announces, “A huge congratulations to Edith Johnson (Khaasda Tláa) for being named one of Alaska’s Top Forty Under 40 for 2022!”

The Top Forty Under 40 recognition was done by the Alaska Journal of Commerce and the Anchorage Daily News in March of 2022.

Edith – who is on the board of the Stka Conservation Society

“is an incredibly passionate and dedicated community member and business owner, who has helped support and serve Sitka in a variety of ways. In 2020 and 2021, Edith and Our Town Catering partnered with SCS to serve hundreds of free seafood dinners to households needing food assistance! More recently, she will be preparing fresh, delicious meals to Alaskans at this year’s Herring Koo.eex.”

We are so grateful to work with Edith in so many capacities, including having the privilege of Edith serving on SCS’s Board of Directors. Gunalchéesh, thank you, Edith, for all that you do to support the Sitka community!