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Electrification Fact Sheets (& links)

Provided by Transition Sitka thru March 31st

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Transition Sitka has compiled five “Electrification Fact Sheets” which will be available to the public at the Electrification Expo on Sat. March 18th.

  • For people wanting to know more about any of the five topics, see list below of web links contained in each Fact Sheet.

FACT SHEET #1 – Financing an Electric Vehicle

FACT SHEET #2 – Financing Solar & Battery Storage

  • Solar panels have been improving in collection efficiency and decreasing in cost. Although Sitka may not be ideal for solar energy, tax credits may make residential solar OR solar+battery storage installations worth considering locally.
  • Before Investing Canary Media “Ask 10 Questions” and Energy.gov Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar.
  • Federal Solar & Battery Tax CreditsEnergy.gov Homeowner’s Guide to the Federal Tax Credit.
  • Solar Installations in Sitka – The 2021-22 tech project done by the National Renewable Energy Lab (w/Sitka Electric Dept.) explored potential renewable energy options, including hydropower, wind, solar, geothermal, tidal & wave options. The final report is expected to cover a potential project involving placing solar panels on some municipal buildings. (report to be released).

FACT SHEET #3 – Financing Heat Pumps

FACT SHEET #4 – Financing Weatherization

FACT SHEET #5 – Financing Energy Efficiency (2 pages)

  • Home Energy Assessment – A home energy audit is the first step – to look at your entire home, identify problem areas, and prioritize efforts to lower energy bills & improve comfort. Energy.gov Home Energy Assessments.
  • Federal Tax Credits – The “Energy Efficient Home Credit” offers an annual aggregated tax credit of up to $1,200 for building envelope components, home energy audits & equipment – IRS Gov Fact Sheet and Energy.gov Making Our Homes More Efficient (tax credits).
  • Federal Energy Tax Rebates – HEEHRA provides point-of-sale rebates for low-to-moderate income families. The rebate programs may be unavailable until 2024. Energy.gov (rebate FAQs) and Re-Wiring America.
  • EV Tax Credits for New/Used Vehicles & Chargers – IRS.gov New Vehicles or IRS.gov Used Vehicles or IRS.gov Commercial vehicles or US Dept. of Energy.
  • Financial Assistance (miscellaneous) – Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) provides free weatherization services to low-income homeowners & renters. Alaska Heat Smart in Juneau and the Sitka Carbon Offset Fund, administered through the Sitka Conservation Society, are assisting low-income families with heat pump installation. AK Housing Finance Corp and AK Heat Smart and Sitka Carbon Offset Fund.
  • Finding Your “Area Medium Income” – US Dept. of Housing & Urban Dev. (HUD) estimates “area median income” each year for each part of the country (including Sitka). Median income estimates are often used by programs to set income limits for benefits. HUD expects to release FY2023 median incomes around May 15th. Alaska Median incomes for last year are on This Chart.

DISCLAIMER: These materials have been compiled by Transition Sitka, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  The content is general information provided from public sources believed to be reliable. The information provided, including federal and state program details, is subject to change; is not warranted for completeness or accuracy; and does not constitute tax advice.