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Elizabeth Peratrovich detail from Juneau Mural

Elizabeth Peratrovich Day

Declared a National Holiday by US Senate

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From David Kanosh on Feb. 16, 2023:  We get a little bit of good news!  I hope the day has been a good one for all!  Gunalchéesh for being a part of it!

David Kanosh
Yooḵis’kooḵéik (He who controls the tides)
Shdeenhit (Steel House)
Clan Deisheetaan

Senate Resolution #77 “Designating February 16, 2023, as National Elizabeth Peratrovich Day” passed the Senate Floor at 4:30p EST!

Per the Anchorage Daily News,

The resolution, which was led by Alaska Republican Sens. Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski, passed the Senate unanimously on a day when Alaskans were already celebrating Elizabeth Peratrovich Day at the state level. The Senate resolution recognizes Peratrovich’s contributions to Alaska history, including her fight against racial discrimination.

Kanosh received the news in a personal email from Dan Sullivan legislative staffer Abigail Myers.

Ed. note:  The photo shown is of the downtown Juneau mural created by Crystal Kaakeeyáa Worl in 2021 (photo by S. Portello, May 17, 2022).

Says KTUU’s Sean Maguire:  Crystal Kaakeeyáa Worl, a Tlingit and Athabascan artist, created the mural to celebrate Peratrovich, a fellow member of the Lukaax.ádi clan. It depicts an iconic image of Peratrovich with modern flourishes. In the background are Northwest Coast formline designs of a sockeye salmon and raven from Peratrovich’s clan crest.

“And then there’s also the salmon eggs in the water beneath her,” Worl said. “That’s the next generation and looking out for the next generation.”