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Outer Coast Year 2023-24 Application Opens

Applicants Considered on Rolling Basis Till April 1st

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The Outer Coast Year is a transformative, community-based, student-governed postsecondary program for high school graduates.

Key features of the Year:

  • Interdisciplinary seminars for college credit that develop students’ communication and critical thinking skills.
  • An academic curriculum that bridges Western and Indigenous ways of knowing.
  • An Indigenous Studies curriculum led by long-term faculty members Yeidikookʼáa Dionne Brady-Howard and Matthew Spellberg, alongside visiting faculty from across the country.
  • Service in Sitka. Students form meaningful relationships with local people and organizations and engage in hands-on collaboration.
  • Intentional, close-knit community. Through living, working, and learning together, students build toolkits to manage peer relationships, conflicts, and the responsibilities associated with maintaining a strong community.

For more information, see the Outer Coast Year Program Overview.

To apply, visit outercoast.org/admissions