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Sitka Animal Friends

New non-profit in town

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A local group has established a new nonprofit to help Sitka’s stray, feral and surrendered animals. Called “Friends of Sitka Animal Shelter,” the group is focused on caring for animals housed at the City-operated shelter, creating fostering and adoption networks, arranging spay and neutering services and assisting pet owners with education.

The Friends are comprised of Shelter volunteers and other animal lovers and will focus first on developing the volunteer corps as well as growing an organized foster and adoption network.

The Friends board, which is headed by Kristina Tirman, will also look to raise funds to assist in these efforts, with a longer-term goal of upgrading the existing Shelter facilities. The Shelter at times can house as many as six dogs and two dozen cats, all of which need food, water, exercise and medical care. Socialization with other animals and humans is also a challenge, most especially so that each animal can eventually be placed in a permanent home.

Anyone interested in helping out or learning more can visit the website: OR contact the Friends at (You can also listen to a piece about the group on KCAW Raven Radio HERE.)

Ed. note:  Pictured below are Radar, a male tabby looking to the right; Umbra, a sweet little black cat who delivered a litter earlier this year; and Tane, with treats in front of her. Tane also delivered a litter recently. All are spayed or neutered and ALL are available for adoption.