Blue Lake dam

Energy Study Results

From ETIP - Available at Dec. 13 Assembly

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In 2021, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory awarded the City and Borough of Sitka a grant for technical assistance called the Energy Transition Initiative Partnership (ETIP). The findings will be presented to the Assembly on Tuesday December 13, 2022.

One of the conclusions is that our microgrid — supplied with hydropower from Green and Blue Lake dams — can accommodate distributed power from additional sources with enough excess to stabilize frequency and voltage without battery storage. Contrary to previous estimates, Sitka has at least 3 nearby mountain sites with adequate wind to supplement our hydropower.

Solar power is the cheapest potential energy source, which might be useful at the low point of available hydropower in April and May.

We do NOT have enough hydropower to decarbonize building heating, land transport, and the cruise industry during dry years.

Come to the Dec. 13 Assembly meeting to learn more so that we can contribute to public policy about our energy priorities.

~ K. Kreiss, Transition Sitka