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Something to Consider this holiday season… from Transition Sitka:

We Sitkans love our surroundings… clean air and water, abundant fish and wildlife, and heart-stirring landscapes. For many of us on this island, air and marine travel is a major contributor to our carbon impact.

The Sitka Carbon Offset Fund (SCOF) is a project of the Sitka Conservation Society. SCOF accepts contributions from locals and travelers looking to offset their personal greenhouse gas emissions and reduce Sitka’s carbon footprint. Donations to SCOF are used, specifically, to fund conversions from fossil fuel-based heating systems to electric air-source heat pumps. This is done through an income-based award system that provides funds for heat pump conversions to lower income families and organizations with financial need.

The Sitka Carbon Offset Fund uses donations from travelers and residents to reduce Sitka’s carbon footprint – mitigating the impacts of climate change – while helping our neighbors.

Your carbon offset purchase stops greenhouse gas emissions from oil heating systems by funding conversions to energy-efficient air-source heat pumps that run on Sitka’s renewable hydroelectricity.

Each conversion has the potential to displace from 200-2,200 tons of CO2 over the lifetime of the heat pump (at least 15 years, on average), so “you are displacing oil heating for at least 15 years and making it way more likely that you’re going to stay with (a heat pump) in the long run.”  This also helps keep electric rates lower for everyone.

To learn more – or to donate – please visit sitkacarbonoffset.com. Give a gift that keeps on giving – offset your Carbon Footprint and invest in Sitka’s Future

Ed. note:  See KCAW 2021 story about the Carbon Offset Fundhttps://www.kcaw.org/2021/03/19/carbon-offset-fund-helps-sitkans-convert-to-cleaner-energy/