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FAQs – Display Advertising

What types of Display Ads can be placed in the Soup?

Businesses, community groups, individuals, government agencies, political candidates – nearly anyone can place a display ad in the Soup!

How long do display ads run in the Soup?

Display Ads run for 2 weeks.

How much are display ads in the Soup?

Display ad prices are based on the size of the ad.  View Ad Rates & Sizes

Will my display ads appear online?

Yes! Every issue of the Soup appears in its entirety online, under “Whole Soup.” In addition, there are options for one or two advertisers each issue to have an online Tiny Ad or a Banner Ad which links directly to your website.

Can I purchase ads to be displayed only on the website?

Yes! Email for more information.

What is the deadline for display ads?

Final deadlines vary depending on the size and complexity of the ad. Please note that the available ad space in any particular issue may fill up quickly. It is best to contact the Soup to reserve display ad space as soon as possible. View 2020 Soup Calendar

How do I submit my display ad to the Soup?

  1. Email (preferred): or
  2. Fax:  (888) 897-9397
  3. Phone: To learn about more submission options, call (907) 747-7595

In what format should I email display ads to the Soup?

The Soup can take a large variety of file types. The most common are: Adobe PDF’s, TIFF’s &  JPG’s. We can also accept MS Word and other MS Office files, except MS Publisher. Publisher files should be converted to MS Word or PDF files before emailing.

Can the Soup help me make my display ad?

Absolutely! Call or email us with your needs. We can usually create your ad for no extra charge!

What if I have other questions?

Call or email us and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Contact Us!

Display Ad Sales:

Suzanne Portello
Phone:  (907) 747-7595
Fax: (888) 897-9397

(Special event & seasonal ad sales - D.J. & Jackie Marie; contact Suzanne for more info.)

Editorial, Classifieds, Graphics & Web:

Suzanne Portello
Phone:  (907) 747-7595
Fax: (888) 897-9397