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Potluck & Meeting on Feb. 6

Sheet'ka' Decolonization Dialogue Group

Date & Time

February 6, 2023

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Event Venue(s)

See House of St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Event Cost

Free - bring food to share if you like

Event Organizer(s)

No Current Announcements.

Event Details

Our next meeting is Monday, February 6th at 6 pm at the SEE House of St. Peter’s Church.

You are welcome to bring a dish to share (although it’s not required 🙂 and invite a friend or two. It’s geared to be a great community-building get-together.

This is a group that is always changing depending on who comes to the meetings. We would love to hear from everyone! For the last few meetings, we have been eating first, then gathering as a group for a short time before splitting into “breakout groups” which are smaller groups (less than 10 people) to allow for more discussion and more voices to be heard. Topics can include education, gathering resources for an upcoming event, putting our brains to an action item, testing out an idea and wanting input from others, or an activity (learning how to do something).  If you have a topic or idea related to decolonization, please let us know. Especially if you want to host a session. We are always looking for people and it is good to get diverse representation. 

After our breakout sessions, we have been getting back together for announcements. If you have an event you want to promote, you can talk about it at the meeting and also email us any information you have. We can share it with the group via email; our email list goes out to approximately 140 Sitkans.

If you are interested in getting more involved with the planning group, please let us know. We know we would benefit from your leadership! Gunalcheesh! We meet once a month via zoom to set the agenda for the following meeting.

If you want more history of the group, check out a website:

The Decolonization Dialogue Group planning team (Crystal, Leah, David, Bridget)