Our Town – October 23, 2014

The Soupster mulls politics.

The Soupster mulls politics.

“Tighten that line, would you Soupster?” said Sara Paley, leaning out of the cockpit of her 25-foot cruiser, Knot For Naught. She climbed up on the deck, leaped and planted her Xtra Tuffs on the dock. She checked the line aft.

“Nice boat,” said the Soupster, who was in the harbor aimlessly boat-gazing.

“Knot?” Sara said, temporarily confusing him. “Yeah, I love Knot.”

“The name of your boat – I mean a lot of people associate that with Sarah Palin. She said during her 2008 campaign that she hoped all her efforts were `Not for naught.’ And do you spell naught with an `o’ or with an `a’?”

“Either,” said Sara, “or both. Anyway, it steams me up.”

“What steams you up?” asked the Soupster.

“I got Knot in 2000, long before Palin said anything about being naught,” said Sara. “I didn’t get the name from anyone.”

“Well,” said the Soupster. “Your own name, er, Sara Paley, kind of gets people thinking of Sarah Palin.”

“Well, I’m older than her – so even my name is older than her! I’m tired of being accused of stealing her line.”

The Soupster rocked back on his heels and sought to change topics. “How about those Millennials on the Assembly,” he said.

“That some religious group?” Sara asked.

“Millennials,” recited the Soupster from his mental Wikipedia. “People born between 1980 and 2000, roughly. The two new members of our Assembly are Millennials.”

“Should I be alarmed?” asked Sara.

“Maybe,” said the Soupster. “Millennials are supposed to be open-minded, confident and tolerant.

“That sounds like the good news,” she said.

“Well, Millennials are also supposed to be narcissistic, with a wicked sense of entitlement.”

“Sounds like my cat,” said Sara. As if on cue, Fancy Pants, Knot For Naught’s black-and-white splotched resident feline, jumped up on the railing. Sara scratched Fancy’s black-and-white splotched head.

“Millennials are supposed to be pragmatic idealists,” the Soupster continued. “So we may be hearing more talk about things like generating energy from the tides. They’re called `digital natives’ – born to computers – so I wouldn’t be surprised at electronic voting.”

“How do you know all this?” said Sara, eyeing the Soupster up and down. “You look like a Baby Boomer to me.”

“Well, I’m no Millennial,” the Soupster said. “I took an online quiz that said you had Millennial values if you scored at least 73 out of 100 points.”



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