Our Town – October 9, 2014

The Soupster does monkey business.

The Soupster does monkey business.

“Books about monkeys?” the Soupster asked Bobbi Lincoln, who was walking out of Our Town’s relief pitcher library while our starting pitcher library undergoes renovations.

“Indeed,” said Bobbi, an animated wisp who seemed to switch perches effortlessly. “I’ve been thinking a lot about monkeys. Monkey see, monkey do.” She held three books about monkeys.

“Have you ever heard that if you put enough monkeys at enough typewriters, one of them will type the Sitka phone book?” the Soupster quipped.

“I’ve heard they type King Lear,” said Bobbi. “Besides, what’s a typewriter?”

“Ha, ha,” said the Soupster. The Soupster liked Bobbi, which he indicated with a broad smile. Bobbi indicated her mutual affection by quick head movements. She switched perches again.

“We are so lucky to have a back-up library,” said the Soupster.

“I just found out the library moved,” said Bobbi. “I don’t know how it escaped me. I’m spending too much time online, obviously.” She tilted her head.

“The news must have reached the hundredth monkey,” said the Soupster.

“What?” asked Bobbi, standing on one foot.

“So there was supposedly this group of islands, each island with a different group of monkeys living on it with no contact between any of the groups,” explained the Soupster. “And the monkeys had to eat dirty sweet potatoes – don’t ask me why. And then one of the monkeys on one of the islands figured out how to wash the sweet potatoes. The other monkeys on that island imitated the first monkey and washed their potatoes too.”

“According to the theory,” the Soupster continued, “when the hundredth monkey on the first island washed his sweet potatoes, monkeys on the other, unconnected islands started washing theirs, too.”

“Sounds like a fruity theory,” said Bobbi.

“You’re right,” said the Soupster. “The theory is hockey pucky scientifically. But it does have an element of truth. When ideas reach a critical mass, they do seem to take on a life of their own and emerge at the same time from seemingly unconnected groups.”

“Of monkeys?” chirped Bobbi, switching perches.

“Could be monkeys,” said the Soupster.

“I gotta go,” said Bobbi. “Lots of monkeys today,” she called as she flew off.

“That’s why we measure ‘em in barrels!” the Soupster called after her.



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