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Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Advisory

For the Sitka Area Issued by Sitka Tribe June 24th

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Sport, subsistence harvesters advised to submit samples for free testing – Sitka Tribe of Alaska (STA) advises all sport and subsistence shellfish harvesters in the Sitka area to exercise caution. Shellfish harvested from Starrigavan Beach have been found to contain paralytic shellfish toxins (PST) at levels exceeding the US Food and Drug Administration regulatory limits for safe consumption.

Consuming shellfish with high PST levels can cause paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP), a serious and potentially fatal condition. Other beaches around Sitka are at risk of high PST levels. Non-commercial local shellfish harvesters are encouraged to submit samples to the STA Environmental Research Lab for free testing prior to consumption to reduce the risk of PSP. Read more about STA’s free testing services at:

For more information, contact Shannon Cellan at (907) 747-7356, and read the Press Release below.