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SE Dough Co. Menu update:  Challah loaves are now on the menu weekly! You can find them under the “yeasted” section below.

Community Loaf (gets delivered directly to SAFV) – $6

Spiced Mini Babka – $10
Whole Wheat Big – $9
Whole Wheat Mini – $4.50
Kalamata Olive Big – $11
Kalamata Olive Mini – $5.50
Rosemary-Garlic Big – $11
Rosemary-Garlic Mini – $5.50
Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Big – $11
Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Mini – $5.50
Caraway Rye Big – $11
Pumpernickel Big – $11
Sandwich Loaf – $11
Sandwich Torpedo – $7
English Muffins (6 pack) – $10
Brioche Maison w Pearl Sugar – $12
Double Chocolate Salted Rye Cookies (6 pack) – $13

Yeasted: Challah – $12

Ferments: Purple Kraut – $13/12oz; Kimchi – $13/12oz (contains fish)

Other:  Granola – $14/Quart, $8/Pint

And Merch:  sweatshirts, t-shirts, stickers!

Regular pick-ups for SE Dough Co. sourdough loaves, yeasted Challah, double chocolate salted rye cookies, and other delights happen each Tuesday at the Food Co-op, 236 Lincoln St #114 (the Harbor Dr side of the Franklin Building) from 3-7pm. You do not need to be a member to order with me or browse their retail section.

  • To see what you can order, and when you need to order it by, for NEXT Tuesday’s pick-up/delivery, talk to owner-baker Andrew Jylkka.
  • Contact Andrew at or phone him at (860) 690-9950
  • The “ordering period”  begins the week preceding each pick-up, on Wednesday, and closes Saturday night
  • Once the “ordering period is open” you can also place your order at