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Recycling Changes & Simplification

Per CBS April 5, 2024

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Changes & Simplifications (per CBS PSA dated April 5, 2024) at Recyling Center, 802 Sawmill Creek Rd. (across from National Cemetery):

CBS Public Works Dept. announces changes and simplifications for recycling, effective immediately.

  • Recycle Center will now accept #5 plastic (in addition to #1 and #2 plastics). All plastics can be co-mingled in the same container, no separation of these plastics is necessary.
  • Corrugated cardboard & newspapers can now be co-mingled, no separation is necessary.
  • Glass, aluminum & metal cans, scrap aluminum & other metals are still accepted and must be separated into their labeled containers.
  • Please remove items from garbage bags and take non-recyclable items to the Transfer Station, located at 205 Jarvis Street.
  • CBS sells recycled items which reduces the cost of solid waste processing.
  • We hope these improvements make it easier for citizens to recycle and appreciate the benefits it provides.

For further info, please visit the Solid Waste Page (scroll down to read whole page) under Public Works at or call (907) 747-1804.