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UAS Career Guide Services Appts.

Sitka UAS Campus is offering Career Guide Services. One-on-one appointments between 2 to 4pm Monday through Friday. For questions, assistance, or to set a time,...

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True Value 747-6292 OPEN…with Rules

Dear Sitka: After careful consideration and time to develop a strategy, we have re-opened our doors for walk-in customers. Our business provides products and s...

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Alaska Dem Logo


Last Chance to Vote in AK Democratic Primary

There will be no in-person primary voting, related to Covid-19; however, there is still time to download a primary ballot and mail it in, per AlaskaDemocrats.or...

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Honoring Women logo with frame


Honoring Women rescheduled to September

Since 1998, SAFV has celebrated the achievements of women by giving them an opportunity to shine at our annual Honoring Women event. The women are nominated bas...

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SAFV website message 03 31 20



Sitkans Against Family Violence's (SAFV) business offices will be closed until further notice, but the shelter will remain open. Anyone seeking shelter or needi...

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Garys Outboard Screenshot from 03 26 20 Soup


Gary’s Outboard 747-9399

Gary's Outboard is open 9am - 5pm for Phone Orders, Pick-ups and Engine Repair/Servicing. Call 747-9399 to place an order and pay by credit card. We will put to...

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SEARHC’s ongoing response

To the public:  For the latest information, please: Go to Or call the SEARHC COVID-19 Hotline at (907) 966-8799 Beginning Monday, ...

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Sitka Chamber | Visit Sitka Update 3/26/20 – Resources & COVID-1...

The following is the most recent information and resources we have received (compiled by Rachel Roy & Laurie Booyse): LOCAL INFORMATION “Hunker Down” res...

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ANS – ANB Announcements

Grand Camp 2020 Invitation to Host Withdrawn: Sitka’s ANB Camp 1 and ANS Camp 4 have withdrawn our invitation to host ANB-ANS Grand Camp 2020. ANB President Geo...

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Raven Radio Spring Quiet Drive

Covid-19 info hub ~ Music Programming ~ News Stories every day ~ 104.7 FM ~ ~ Ed. Note:  All images from See March 26th Raven story by Ari...

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Beak Wall snapshot from FB


Beak Closed for now

Posted on Beak Facebook Page on March 25th - We are taking the hunker down and stay home order seriously! Beak will be closed until further notice. Stay home! ...

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List of City Phone Numbers

City offices may be temporarily closed to the public, but we are still here to serve you. Call 747-1818 and select the department you wish to speak with. OR...

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Land Trust Virtual Meeting 4/6

The Sitka Community Land Trust will hold its next regular meeting Monday, April 6 from 6-8pm, on a Zoom call. The public is encouraged to attend.  Contact Mi...

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Ferry System Announcements

AMHS Cancellation Fees Waived until April 8th Safety protocols are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 The Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) ...

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Dockside Mobile Marine (360) 531-1375

We are available to come to your vessel in Sitka and surrounding waters. For diesel, systems, electrical and troubleshooting services. Bill West 360-531-1375 (d...

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Comments Off on Whole Soup – March 26, 2020

Whole Soup – March 26, 2020

| Whole Soup | March 26, 2020

Download PDF Cover: Pizza Express

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Comments Off on Our Town – March 26, 2020

Our Town – March 26, 2020

| Animals, Dreams, Graphic Stories, Guest Written, Herring, Lois Verbaan, Our Town | March 26, 2020

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Comments Off on Crossword – March 26, 2020

Crossword – March 26, 2020

| Crossword | March 26, 2020

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Comments Off on Did You Know – March 26, 2020

Did You Know – March 26, 2020

| Did You Know | March 26, 2020

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Comments Off on Whole Soup – March 12, 2020

Whole Soup – March 12, 2020

| Whole Soup | March 12, 2020

Download PDF Cover: Sitka Realty

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Comments Off on Our Town – March 12, 2020

Our Town – March 12, 2020

| Our Town, Shopping, Small Town Stuff | March 12, 2020

The Soupster witnesses a redemption.

Originally published March 6, 2003

The grocery store was packed. The Soupster had to walk sideways down the Canned Tomatoes aisle to pass the shopping carts parked on the left and then on the right. Unusual for Our Town, a long line of shoppers waited impatiently at the checkout stand.

When the Soupster finally got to the front of the line, he saw the reason for the delay. The young woman at the cash register was as overcareful with each transaction as a cat pacing the rim of a steamy bathtub.

She meticulously rotated each food item in her hand to find the UPC code, then drew the item across the scanner with a kind of dreamy slowness. She smiled individually at each person in line, looking for validation, then, with effort, picked up the next food item. The Soupster shifted his weight from one foot to the other. So did everyone in the steadily growing line behind him.

People had started to clear their throats, when a man in his 30’s with a badge that said “Asst. Mgr.” swept up behind the counter next to the cashier.

“Kathy! You are to call for help when the line gets this long,” he said in a theatrical whisper, meant for everyone to hear. “You should never let the line get this long, Kathy!”

“Ma’am,” the Asst. Mgr. said over-solicitously to the woman behind the Soupster. “All of you, come with me,” he pointed to the entire line and they moved with him to another checkout stand.

The young cashier’s face reddened. Only halfway through his transaction, the Soupster stood alone now before her. She went back to her slow-motion scanning of the Soupster’s few items. Meanwhile, the first members of the Asst. Mgr.’s line were already picking up their grocery bags and walking out the door.

“Sorry,” Kathy said, looking downcast.

“No problem,” said the Soupster. “First day on the job?”

She nodded. “Probably going to be my only day,” she said and, indeed, the Asst. Mgr. was shooting daggers her way, hidden behind the bland smile he showed his customers.

“Keep at it,” said the Soupster.

“I said DON’T RUSH ME!” came a loud, deep voice from the other register. The Soupster and the young cashier turned.

A very large man loomed over the Asst. Mgr., who was pinned against the back wall of his checkout station. The man slammed down his wallet and leaned forward in the direction of the Asst. Mgr. who looked extremely flustered and ready to bolt.

“Manny,” called the young cashier, as she left her workstation and slipped in next to her trembling co-worker. “Manny, Manny, Manny, cool your jets,” she laughed and poked the big man in the chest. Manny laughed. The Asst. Mgr. visibly unstiffened.

The cashier returned to the Soupster. She looked a lot happier than a minute before. “Will there be anything else, Sir?” she asked sweetly.

“I think you got your job back, Kathy,” the Soupster answered.

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Comments Off on Did You Know – March 12, 2020

Did You Know – March 12, 2020

| Did You Know | March 12, 2020

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Comments Off on Crossword – March 12, 2020

Crossword – March 12, 2020

| Crossword | March 12, 2020

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Comments Off on Whole Soup – February 27, 2020

Whole Soup – February 27, 2020

| Whole Soup | February 27, 2020

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Comments Off on Our Town – February 27, 2020

Our Town – February 27, 2020

| Crazy Theories, Our Town, Relationships, Relatives, Youth | February 27, 2020

The Soupster meets someone he will remember for the rest of his days.

Originally published May 10, 2001

Sweat dripped from the Soupster’s brow as he grabbed a final fingerhold of rock and hauled his body up over the precipice. He worked his chest, his hips and legs over the sharp edge to safety. He let out an enormous sigh of relief. The 5 1/2 climb had been the most arduous of his life. But he had made it! Over the ledge of rock that led to the place where the wise old bearded man lived, the one who would tell him the secret of the universe. Or at least what the Soupster should do over the next several weeks.

A well-worn path led directly from the rock’s edge, so the Soupster took it. He knew lots of people had preceded him to the wise old bearded man’s lair, but still the experience reeked of discovery. Up ahead he saw the shallow cave he’d heard of, where the wise old man dispensed his wisdom. Feeling humble, the Soupster removed his high-tech climbing gloves and boots, and walked inside.

No wise old bearded man. Instead, a kid with bad skin. The Soupster couldn’t really tell if the kid was male or female. “My uncle is getting audited by the I.R.S. and the rest of the family is at a condo in Boca Raton celebrating my cousin’s graduation from law school,” said the kid. “Any other wisdom I may dispense?”

The Soupster was flabbergasted. His legs and back ached from the climb, but his head ached more as he tried to make sense of the situation. “Well, I was going to ask you, you know, some Big Questions,” stammered the Soupster. “But, I mean, you’re probably not… qualified…”

“I’m plenty qualified,” said the kid. “I’m more qualified than anybody in my family, including my famous uncle. I’m qualified enough to know not to go to some stupid law school shindig in Boca Raton where it’s a million degrees.”

“Any, you know, Big Ideas, that I should, maybe, hear?” the Soupster attempted.

“No Big Ideas,” said the kid. “But here’s some little ones. How about stop saying ‘Send a Message’ and ‘Zero Tolerance’ when you are referring to children. That sit okay with you?”

“What’s your problem?” said the Soupster.

“My problem is that’s not language you should be using with your offspring,” the kid said. “`Sending a message’ is something the Godfather did when he left that horse head in the Hollywood producer’s bed. It’s something we do when we drop bombs. It’s bravado when you know you are the one with the power.”

“And `Zero Tolerance’ the kid continued, “is not possible to have. No matter how gross things are, you can always come up with a scenario where you would have to have some tolerance for the situation. And if anybody is going to find out the way to test that idea, it’s your kids.”

“I think you’re right,” said the Soupster.

“Of course, I’m right” said the kid, “My uncle is the wise old bearded guy!”

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Comments Off on Did You Know – February 20, 2020

Did You Know – February 20, 2020

| Did You Know | February 27, 2020

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Comments Off on Crossword – February 27, 2020

Crossword – February 27, 2020

| Crossword | February 27, 2020

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Comments Off on Our Town – February 13, 2020

Our Town – February 13, 2020

| Guest Written, Housing, Library, Nan Metashvili, Our Town | February 13, 2020

The Soupster is thoughtful, hopeful & sad.

Submitted By Nan Metashvili

It was a typical Our Town day. Rain drizzled down, fog drifted around the forests like old spirits, and cold waves sloshed resolutely against the shore.

The Soupster was heading towards one of his favorite haunts, the library.

Though not as cozy as the old library, the new one still filled his needs. It was warm and dry, and its services were freely available to all. He would spend time reading the papers and check out a few books to feed his insatiable appetite for reading. With some amusement and no little sadness, he noted that 9.5 out of 10 people scattered around were reading, writing or playing on some sort of electronic device. Not many books to be seen, the old-fashioned kind, that is.

The smell of a brand-new volume to him was indescribable. He positively enjoyed the tactile sensation of turning pages, and the ease of flipping back to reread some passage. Many a time did he find it necessary to refresh his memory about some point mentioned 6 chapters ago. The Soupster was not shy about admitting he was getting on a bit and his little grey cells weren’t what they used to be. And he loved the elegance of choosing just the right bookmark to insert to keep his place. He had a whole collection of them.

As much as he loved reading books, there was also the social side of the library. No cold city institution, Our Town’s library was a lively place where friendships were formed and nurtured, where lonely after-school kids could safely hang out, and where even a few romances had happened. He could always count on finding a pal there to chat with.

As the Soupster picked up a recent nonfiction bestseller to sit and browse through, he noticed the person next to him. The two men both could sit there and gaze out at the unparalleled view of the ocean and small islands, the skiffs and trollers and sailboats going past. They could stay until closing time. They could use the bathroom.

But at closing time, the Soupster could go home to a comfortable and welcoming home, and the other chap obviously could not. Homeless was written all over him, from the shabby clothes, unwashed odor, and the look of sadness and fear in his eyes. Where will he go when the library closes? Out into the rain, and then?

The Soupster started to wonder why the town had to be so difficult for low income folks. Why could they not follow the example of some other communities around the country and take care of all their citizens?

Tiny houses, for example. He had lately been reading about places building tiny houses. Why did people crave McMansions anyway, when a smaller and adequate abode would do? Wouldn’t it be grand if Sitka could commit in a significant way to small and available homes?

The Soupster smiled sadly at the homeless man as the closing time lights flickered.

Then they both left the library.

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Comments Off on Whole Soup – February 13, 2020

Whole Soup – February 13, 2020

| Whole Soup | February 13, 2020

Download PDF Cover: Davis Realty

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Comments Off on Crossword – February 13, 2020

Crossword – February 13, 2020

| Crossword | February 13, 2020

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