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CPR Sitka image from AMSEA


12/12 Mariner’s CPR + 1st Aid Class

Saturday, Dec. 12 from 8am - 3pm at NSRAA (1308 Sawmill Creek Rd) -  AMSEA will offer a Mariner's First Aid & CPR/AED class in Sitka. The cost for the class...

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CBS Utility Payment Closed copy


Utility Office Closed 11/26-12/18

The CBS payment and utility office at City Hall (100 Lincoln St) will be closed for construction from November 26, 2020 through December 18, 2020. Call 747-1...

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chamber holiday shopping image


Chamber Reminders

Friday Nov. 27 & Saturday, Nov. 28 is Sitka's Tax-Free Holiday.  Thank you to the City and Borough of Sitka Assembly for voting to authorize tax-free days. ...

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Jasmine Shaw UAF Coop Ext collecting snail samples SCS


12/2 Garden Happy Hour Zoom

Wed., Dec. 2nd at 7pm - End of season - varieties - what to order / where to order group discussion Fall Garden Happy Hour Zoom is a series hosted by UAF Coo...

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SFAC at keyboard


Fine Arts Camp Message from Roger Schmidt

We believe that now, more than ever, young people need the rich social experience of camp and the community that art-making forges. We also believe hope change...

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Chamber & Visit Sitka logo copy


Visit Sitka & Chamber Updates

Here are selected highlights of the Nov. 20th Sitka Chamber/Visit Sitka Newsletter: Assembly - On Tues., Nov. 24th at the regularly scheduled meeting at 6pm,...

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City Seal 2020BETTER


Assembly Meets Tonight 11/24

Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 6pm in Assembly Chambers, there will be a Regular Assembly Meeting. The agenda and supporting documents are available HERE. The Agenda in...

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ferry Kennicott photo from DOT


Ferry Updates November

The M/V Kennicott's departures will be delayed from November 20 - 23 due to extreme weather and heavy seas. For more details, see the Kennicott Schedule Update ...

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UAS Holiday Food Drives

Thanksgiving Food Drive - Let's Help those in need for the holidays. Please donate whatever you can. UAS campus members can drop off donations at the Atrium,...

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Robert-Davis-Hoffmann NPS photoSQUARE


Hear Robert Hoffman 11/21

Saturday, November 21 at 2pm on Zoom, the Friends of SJ Museum will host "Share Your Culture/ Share Your Research Virtual Event." Robert Hoffmann (Tlingit) w...

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Sitka Schools Messages

Important Message from School District 11/12: Baranof School open to students - All other buildings VIRTUAL for the week of 11/16-11/20. Buildings are closed to...

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Unified Command High Alert 11 03 20


Unified Command 11/11

Nov. 11, 2020: Incident Commander, John Leach reported COVID-19 cases are increasing. The spread we are seeing was expected and we are taking a measured approac...

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Jill Scheidts Quilt taken 11 14 20SQUARE


Ocean Wave Quilters 12/1

Tuesday, December 1 at 7pm via Zoom - Ocean Wave Quilters will meet. Monthly meetings, September through June, are open to all, members or not. Those wish...

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SCS 2021 calendar


SCS Messages

From late Nov. through Dec. we will be holding several calendar and membership drive-thru events, starting on 11/21 with our Wild Gratitude Celebration Drive-Th...

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Jeff swallowing sword 03 23 20


Monthly Grind Updates

The Sitka Monthly Grind is seeking performers for the Dec 12th Holiday Grind. If you are interested, you will need to record your presentation and get it to Jea...

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Comments Off on Did You Know – November 19, 2020

Did You Know – November 19, 2020

| Did You Know | November 19, 2020

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Comments Off on Our Town – November 19, 2020

Our Town – November 19, 2020

| Friends, Holidays, Our Town, Relationships, Thanksgiving | November 19, 2020

The Soupster thinks he has enlightened an unconscious friend

Originally published November 22, 2000

“I’m giving thanks for my brand new sportscar,” said the Soupster’s old friend Jake over the phone. “I bought it with the bundle I made investing in cell phones. It looks cool and gets me where I’m going in comfort. And it’s a babe-magnet!” he finished unrepentantly.

Sighed the Soupster, “You’re the same chauvinistic, materialistic scoundrel I knew decades ago. You know nothing about giving thanks.”

“I know a lot about cell phones,” said Jake.

“Thanks shouldn’t be for cell phones and fancy cars, it should be for the warm basics of life. Home and family and friends and good food. Here you are entering geezerhood and you haven’t grasped that simple fact.”

“Did I say I hit 120 miles per hour in the desert one day?”

The Soupster took a deep breath and re-phrased the exasperated question in his head before saying it aloud. “Where do you live?” he finally got out.

“In an apartment complex with a pool and a sauna and an exercise room and…” Jake began.

“Wait,” said the Soupster. “Forget all the extras. Just concentrate on your apartment. Your place. Now, concentrate on the bed and you sleeping snugly while a howling gale roars outside.”

“I love that feeling,” Jake admitted.

“The sports car doesn’t give you that kind of feeling, right?”

“A different kind of feeling,” Jake agreed.

“The pool and the exercise room and all that stuff are like one of those blue novelty lights,” said the Soupster. “They don’t really give off warmth.

That cozy bed feeling you’re remembering is timeless and placeless. You could be back home and be a kid again. You think only about the slightly colder pocket of air surrounding your feet at the end of the blanket. And you wonder whether you should poke them out into the even colder room air or scrunch them together into a heat-producing ball.”

“Scrunch them together,” said Jake. “What I actually like,” he confessed, “is when you scrunch the arch and heel parts of your feet together, but you also try and get the cool blanket to fold in between as many toes as you can.”

“But, what I really, really like,” he continued, “is when you’re in bed, under the blanket that’s folded between as many toes as you can, and you remember — you remember — that’s there’s something you wanted to do. Not like you left a candle burning or something having to do with safety. Like you left the cookies open in the living room and the dog will probably get into it overnight and throw up and you’ll have to clean that up in the morning. But you don’t care because it’s so warm under the blanket and you’ve got at least six toes folded into the cool parts.”

“A much better Thanksgiving thought than your ego-pumping car, right?” asked the Soupster, temporarily triumphant.

“Right-o, buddy,” said Jake. “As a babe magnet, this warm blanket-candle-toe stuff slams that ole car right out of the ballpark! Thanks!”

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Comments Off on Whole Soup – November 19, 2020

Whole Soup – November 19, 2020

| Whole Soup | November 19, 2020

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Comments Off on Crossword – November 19, 2020

Crossword – November 19, 2020

| Crossword | November 19, 2020

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Comments Off on Crossword – November 5, 2020

Crossword – November 5, 2020

| Crossword | November 5, 2020

Download Crossword  Crossword Solution: Download

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Comments Off on Whole Soup – November 5, 2020

Whole Soup – November 5, 2020

| Whole Soup | November 5, 2020

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Comments Off on Our Town – November 5, 2020

Our Town – November 5, 2020

| Darkness, Friends, Our Town, Relationships, Seasons | November 5, 2020

(Ahead of his time) the Soupster hunkers down.

Originally published November 7, 2013

The Soupster was not damp, but everything outside the walls of his house couldn’t have been soggier. In Our Town “Fall” might better be called “Thrown At” because the rain and/or hail of the season seems propelled downward by a force greater than mere gravity.

The Soupster was feeling bored and lonely, so he was happy when Carla called from Minnesota. “Bored and a little lonely, but dry,” the Soupster said when Carla asked how he was.

Carla chattered on about her kids Josh and Rebecca and husband Josh, and her going back to college online. Then, she said “Oops, I’m getting Call Waiting, must be Becca, I’m supposed to pick her up. Can you hold?”

The Soupster did. Switching to speaker phone, he wandered toward his back porch, where the part covered by a fiberglass roof played wonderful rhythms as it hailed. The sound rose and fell like the aural equivalent of those birds whose flocks turn on a dime: sheets of sound, rippling and turning.

Carla came back on, “Sorry, Soupster,” she said. “That was Becca, who needs another half hour before I get her. So you’re lonely and a little bored?”

“Actually, bored and a little lonely,” said the Soupster. “This is a rough time of the year, weather-wise.”

“Tell me about it,” said Carla. “I’m an Our Town girl. Remember, you just have to make it to Thanksgiving. Then the holiday lights go up and you start talking to friends. And then it’s New Years and you notice the light coming back a little more.”

“Oh, I hate to do this,” Carla blurted, “But I’m getting another call. Will you hold again?”

The Soupster did. The hail slacked off. A shaft of sunlight pierced the gray sky, came through the window, and fell upon a bookshelf, where there lived a ceramic planter in the shape of a fish with enormous crimson lips. Carla had given the Soupster the fish two decades earlier, after he helped her move. This was before kids and even before husband Josh.

Next to the fish was a half-scale raven carved out of wood. Steve Jessup had given the Soupster the raven after the Soupster took Steve’s parents out on his boat. Next to that, an entire dog family stretched out on their papier-mâché couch – a gift from somebody. Above the dogs nestled signed copies of all the books by Our Town’s writers over the years.

The Soupster touched the arms of his sweater – knitted by Giselle for his birthday. In the pantry were jars of sockeye and jams, all canned by various friends. If he wanted, he could gaze around his living room at the paintings and sculptures created by friends. Or he could pop in a CD cut by one of Our Town’s bands.

Carla came back on the line. “I can see why you feel lonely,” she said. “I keep abandoning you.”

“You know, I don’t feel lonely,” said a satisfied Soupster, taking in his surroundings. “Not anymore.”

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Comments Off on Did You Know – November 5, 2020

Did You Know – November 5, 2020

| Did You Know | November 5, 2020

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Comments Off on Did You Know – October 22, 2020

Did You Know – October 22, 2020

| Did You Know | October 22, 2020

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Comments Off on Our Town – October 22, 2020

Our Town – October 22, 2020

| Movies/TV, Our Town, Water | October 22, 2020

A friend raises the Soupster’s consciousness about “the worst thing”.

“Hi, Soupster,” called a voice from behind the mask.

The Soupster squinted in concentration, struggling to recognize the pleasantly crinkled eyes above the mask. He almost had it… wait, wait…

“Anastasia Anarchy! It’s you!” he finally said triumphantly. “So good to run into you, Stace,” he continued, striving to use his best, Ethel-Merman-projecting abdominal voice, and to enunciate carefully from behind his mask. The last time he’d spoken with Anastasia, she’d shown some signs of a hearing deficit.

“Yes, wonderful serendipity, chancing upon each other in front of this grocery store pop-up cello concert. Though maybe not total chance, eh, Soupster. There are patterns everywhere.”

“Is that your truck over there, Stace? Let’s go chat a bit over the hood while we listen to the music.” They got to the truck and the Soupster glanced down through the open window at the passenger seat.

“What’s that, Stace,” he said. “It looks like a DVD of Wagon Train???”

“Yeah, that it is, Soupster. I used to watch that on T.V. all the time when I was a kid. I was,” she said with twinkling eyes, “especially enamored of the scout, Flint McCullough.”

“Oh, I remember him,” said the Soupster. “Wasn’t he played by a guy named Robert something?”

“Yup. Robert Horton. That’s him. One time, when I was about eight, I even had a dream about him,” said Anastasia. “He was out doing his advance scouting thing and he was fording a river. He was walking through the water towards me, and I walked in to meet him…But maybe I’d better leave it there.”

“I get it, Stace. Sometimes you don’t know what something means until years later.”

“I was fascinated by cowboy movies, Soupster. Sometimes I wanted to be a cowboy and have those special skills – you know, like swinging a lariat and yodeling. Not much to do with guns except maybe twirling them round your finger. Later on, in high school, I learned some basic bow-and-arrow skills, like not hyper-extending my bow arm and receiving a terrible burn.”

“All that cowboys and Indians stuff, Soupster – it was really a thoughtless world I grew up in.”

The Soupster looked steadily at Anastasia and said nothing.

“One time, years ago, when I was working as a young lab tech at the hospital, one day I went in to draw some blood in one of those four-person rooms. I’m pretty sure it was a Saturday afternoon. This must have been, like, back in ’82.

“There were these three older guys sitting around watching T.V. I was getting my tourniquet and stuff ready and I saw they were watching a western. They seemed really quite absorbed in it. A couple of them were older Tlingit guys. They were just, patiently, sitting there and watching the show, and I asked them, ‘Does it ever bother you? Watching westerns like that?’

“And one of the old guys said, ‘Well, some of them are pretty bad, but at least we’re up there on the screen. We’re not invisible. That’s the worst thing, you know. Being invisible.’”

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Comments Off on Whole Soup – October 22, 2020

Whole Soup – October 22, 2020

| Whole Soup | October 22, 2020

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Comments Off on Crossword – October 22, 2020

Crossword – October 22, 2020

| Crossword | October 22, 2020

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Comments Off on Did You Know – October 8, 2020

Did You Know – October 8, 2020

| Did You Know | October 8, 2020

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Comments Off on Our Town – October 8, 2020

Our Town – October 8, 2020

| Children, Music, Our Town, Rain, Weather | October 8, 2020

The Soupster shares a valuable lesson learned from a cartoon.

Originally Published October 5, 2000

“I hate October! It rains all the time with big wet drops!” wailed the pre-schooler, balanced on the Soupster’s knee. “I WISH THERE WAS NO OCTOBER EVER AND EVER MORE!”

“Don’t say that,” hushed the Soupster. “If October went away, you would be very sad.”

“No, I wouldn’t!” protested the child.

“But if there were no October, do you know what else there would be no?”


“Alaska Day! There would be no Alaska Day!” said the Soupster. “And no Halloween!

“No Halloween!” he went on. “Sometimes, no Yom Kippur for Jewish folks! No Thanksgiving for your cousin who lives in Toronto! And your e-mail pen pal in Christchurch, New Zealand would have to go to school on Labor Day, because the Kiwi’s celebrate their Labor Day in October!”

“Are you a genius?” the clever kid asked, instantly seizing the Soupster’s point and moving on to the next step. “Where did you learn all that?”

“From a Little Audrey cartoon when I was just about your age,” said the Soupster, glazing over in a Boomer froth of remembrance.

“Little Audrey was tired of the rain — in the cartoon I mean — and she cried out for it never to rain again!” explained the Soupster.

“Did it rain again?” the child asked.

“Not for a long time,” the Soupster answered. “At first, that was just fine with Little Audrey. She went out on a million picnics, hung her clothes right on the line to dry and was never told by her parents that she had to wear a hat.

“But as the rainlessness went on, Little Audrey’s fish started to look a little pale and drawn. And Little Audrey’s potted plant looked droopy and dry.

“Then everything around Little Audrey started to dry up. Little Audrey’s plant was curled and brown. Little Audrey’s fish gasped to breathe in only a thimbleful of water.

“Little Audrey had saved a glass of water. She ran over the parched ground toward her fish and her potted plant, holding the glass in front of her and saying `Here, here!’ But then she tripped and dropped the glass, and the water ran out just out of reach of her friends.

“So Little Audrey went to the Rainmaker and begged for the rain to start again. But the Rainmaker refused. `You said for it not to rain again, ever and ever!’ He crossed his arms over his chest.”

“What did Little Audrey do?”

“She sang,” said the Soupster. “She sang so sweetly and with so much of her heart that she made the Rainmaker cry. She sang `April Showers.’ And the Rainmaker’s tears grew greater and greater till they cascaded past his beard and down his chest and fell to the earth as wonderful, cooling rain.”

“Wow,” said the child. “I’ll never ask for it to not be October or for the rain to stop. But is it okay to ask to make the raindrops just a little smaller?”

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Comments Off on Whole Soup – October 8, 2020

Whole Soup – October 8, 2020

| Whole Soup | October 8, 2020

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