In The Spotlight: Dixon Elegant

When asked how she got her distinctive name, Sitka PorchFest organizer Dixon Elegant had the first of many interesting stories to tell.

When asked how she got her distinctive name, Sitka PorchFest organizer Dixon Elegant had the first of many interesting stories to tell.

“The last name – Elegant – well, my dad’s grandfather came over from Eastern Europe at the last turn of the century, and ‘Elegant’ was a kind of mistake at Ellis Island. His name was actually ‘Alergan’ or something like that, and somehow it got translated to ‘elegant’. And ‘Dixon’? Well, my parents asked my grandfather to make a list of names before I was born, and ‘Dixon’ was on the list!”

And a very good name it is, too, for such an avid supporter of the arts.

Elegant’s background is appropriate, also – she graduated in December, 2019 from SUNY (State University of New York) at Buffalo, with a degree in art education and art history. And then, she came to Sitka in August, 2020 as an Americorps volunteer, to work initially with Sitka Counseling and Youth Advocates of Sitka.

“My parents live in New York City. My dad is recently back from Costa Rica and is looking to develop the next chapter in his life. And my mom is a family counselor.”

“I do come from a very art-heavy family, though – my dad is a bluegrass musician, and my mom paints. My sister and I went to bluegrass festivals with the family every year growing up. In fact, there’s a story that I actually learned to walk at the famous Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival in Maine. That one happens every year over Labor Day Weekend and is quite a scene.”

“And then there’s my boyfriend Cooper who is not a musician but insists he does have rhythm.”

Elegant’s current day job is as a baker for Ludvig’s.

“I started serving last summer, and then in the fall of 2021 Cooper and I ran the Chowder Cart, and that’s when I learned to bake. And now, Colette trusts me with that.”

When asked about the connection between cooking and art, between work and recreation, Elegant is ready as usual with an answer.

“I think baking and cooking is actually a form of art. Cooper has taught me a lot about that. I do create art myself – well, kinda – I play the guitar, and I am currently ‘busy neglecting my mandolin’. I will also be singing at PorchFest with my friend Elijah.”

She notes that in addition to organizing the 2022 PorchFest, she is on the Board of GSAC and serves as the V.P. She sums up her feelings for Sitka and the arts thusly:

“I really love it here in Sitka (though eventually I do plan on traveling some more). And my favorite thing about both my work and my volunteer work, is just the fact that I get to help our community and find more and more ways to offer resources to our artists.”


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