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SAIL’s Youth Summer Work

2024 Summer Program with SAIL

Job Description

SAIL offers a Summer Work Program for youth, ages 14-21, across all of our communities.

We partner with the Dept. of  Voc Rehab (DVR) to host a 6-8 week supported, paid work experience for students who are interested in gaining employment skills. We empower students to choose their path of employment. We offer a crew work experience, where they work along side their peers in an outdoor setting that usually consists of trail work.

We also offer an individual placement option where the student has the choice to chose a local business or organization to gain work experience (only offered in Sitka, Haines & Ketchikan).

The SWP is for youth who are currently enrolled in school, have an IEP, 504 plan, or who identify as having a disability. Our definition of disability is broad and can include trauma, anxiety, depression, etc.

Read more about SAIL’s Youth Summer Work Program at To sign up for the SWP from the SAIL website, click on the poster for your community.

Apply for the 2024 Summer Work Program at

For more information about Sitka’s SWP email or call (888) 487-1028

  • For more info about the SWP in other Southeast Communities, email