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Sitkans Advertise in Daily Sitka Sentinel

Support Re-Instating Medicare Certified Home Health


A collection of Sitka citizens published a full-page paid advertisement in the Daily Sitka Sentinel on Wed. Nov. 29, 2023, in an effort to focus public attention.

The heading of the advertisement states, “We Request SEARHC Reinstate Their Medicare-Certified Home Health Care Department.”

The ad (which appears on page 8 of the Sentinel) was conceived of and coordinated by Sitkans Auriella Hughes, Elizabeth Faulkner, Susan Litman and Dr. Marilyn Coruzzi. The ad includes the names of 645 Sitkans in support of the Reinstatement, and was conceived as a response to the “Town Hall Meeting” that was organized by the Sitka Women’s Club and took place at Harrigan Centennial Hall on Wed. Nov. 15th. Additional efforts are being organized to focus public attention.

Ed. note:  The photo below shows the complete Sentinel ad. The photo above is a cropped version.