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Celebration 2024 in Juneau

May Application Deadlines from SHI

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CELEBRATION:  “Together We Live in Balance” — Application Deadlines remaining in May:

  • Whether you’re a Native artist, filmmaker, a foodie, dancer, or just eager to be a part of Celebration 2024, we have something for everyone!
  • While the deadlines have already passed for the Juried Youth Art Exhibit, the Dance Groups, and the Juried Film Festival, applications are still open till May 17th for the Native Artist Market, the Native Foods Contest, the Toddler Regalia Review and Storytelling. And you can offer to be a volunteer anytime!
  • Apply now: https://bit.ly/apps-cele2024 – (this SHI page also has general info. about Celebration 2024 and how to get tickets).