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Sitka Summer Courses at UAS

University of Alaska Sitka Campus

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There’s still time to register for summer classes. Most classes start May 13th.

For information on how to register, call (907) 747-7700 or email

Fall registration is also open. Use the QR code below to see our full summer and fall schedule.

Or see our Summer Classes, and Fall Classes.

Here are some of our summer offerings.

  • ART S160 – Art Appreciation with Liz Zacher
  • CHEM S103 – Intro to General Chemistry with Valerie Barber
  • GEOL S104 – Physical Geology with Stephanie Mrozek
  • MATH S151 – College Algebra for Calulus with Joseph Liddle
  • PHIL S101 – Intro to Logic and Reason with John Hartog III
  • STAT S200 – Elementary Statistics with Joseph Liddle
  • WELD S120, S152, S175 – Basic, Intermediate & Advance Welding with Luke Gibes – Starts 6/4/24
  • ART S193 – Ceramic Tool Making with Liz Zacher – Starts 6/24/24