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Sitka Community Land Trust

Promoting & facilitating affordable housing for persons of low and moderate income

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606A Sawmill Creek Rd.
Sitka, AK 99835
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About Sitka Community Land Trust (SCLT):

The SCLT parent organization, Sitka Community Development Corporation (SCDC), was started in 2006 by private citizens responding to the lack of affordable housing in the City and Borough of Sitka. In its Articles of Incorporation, its purpose is “promotion and facilitation of affordable housing for persons of low and moderate income in the City and Borough of Sitka and elsewhere in Southeast Alaska.”

SCDC received their 501(C)(3) status from the IRS in 2008. Incorporated in the State of Alaska, SCDC is also a Community Land Trust working on providing the community of Sitka with permanently affordable housing.

In 2014, the organization created the Community Land Trust program and in 2016 the board changed the organization name to the “Sitka Community Land Trust” or SCLT.

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News from S’us’ Héeni Sháak

Neighborhood Dedication w/Sign Carved by Will Peterson

SCLT Community Dedication and Naming Ceremony for S’us’ Héeni Sháak Neighborhood: The ceremony took place May 13th in the central parking area of the neighborhood at 1410 HPR. There were…